New bags, shoes, cars…everybody is ballin’ out right about now. Why? Because its tax time! The one time a year when errybody is rich. For many its the only time we see a large lump sum hit our bank accounts. Although this is a time when people make bad decisions with their finances, it’s a great time to get your finances together. Of course you feel like new money when that tax refund hits, but you can have that long money if you use these tips.   Pay off Debt. If you

Getting a call for an interview is exciting and scary at the same time. You have to research the company, find something to wear, and do something with your hair of course. But after you get all that done and you’re ready to head out the door check these last little details. Nail Check. Check your nails and make sure they are clean. Clip hangnails and tend to neglected cuticles. If they are polished they need to be neat with no chipping. I would even suggest rocking a neutral polish

Being a fashionista is a lot of work and honestly, not everyone is blessed with the ability to look effortlessly chic on a daily basis. Well friend, you don’t have to have the fashion sense of a celebrity stylist to look good. You just have to find one. There are many chic ladies on the web sharing their fashion sense with us. It’s like having your own personal stylist. Just browse, buy, wear. That simple! I have a few go-to sites when I can’t think of what to wear and

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