Product Review: Pantene Truly Natural Line


Recently I have been on a product binge for my natural tresses. I just have not found the perfect cleansing and styling product combination. On this latest binge I bought the Curls Creamy Curl Cleanser which was a dud. Then I go in target and see that Pantene has a new “Truly Natural” line. I didn’t find many reviews on these products and they were only $5 so I figured what the hell? I purchased the Truly Natural CoWash Cleansing Conditioner, the Truly Natural Deep Conditioner, and the Defining Curls Styling Custard.


The cowash is thick and creamy, just what my hair likes. So I’m lathering and lathering but nothing’s happening. FYI my hair is tightly coiled, thick, and dryer than the Sahara. No slip, no moisture, no….nothing. And I used a generous amount, but my hair felt stripped and there was virtually no slip. I rinsed and proceeded to the deep conditioner. Going on it felt great. I left this conditioner on overnight and rinsed in the morning. Not impressed with this either. My hair was just…blah. My hair is dry but damn. Anyhoo, I decided to keep going and style my hair so I could see how all the products worked together. The styling custard is thick and gelly. I did notice that my curls took great form but they were lacking the softness and shine that I was promised.

Overall these products were a miss for me. I have used Pantene products in the past and have been satisfied, but these right here…tuh! I’m starting to believe that my hair does not like “natural hair” products. I’ve been at this natural gig for a while and I’ve found some winners but my hair is a champ on the sulfate. It just does something for me. I will keep my sulfate poo and conditioner on standby until I find a champ.

Have you found any sulfate free champs for natural hair? Let me know in the comments below

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    Hi there i seen that your unhappy with the pantene products and i was wornding if you didnt want the curly cystard if i could have it to try it out, i havent been able to locate it in my area and been dying to try it.

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